Another woman - Alive - but "not responding" - NOW ALIVE AND WELL!

Another women COMPLETELY AWARE of the conversation doctors were having about causing her death. NO MORE! NO MORE "Brain-death" diagnosis! - Get your "YOU MAY NOT TAKE MY ORGANS" card in the booklets listed in that tab on our page. see story here:

Another young man - "dead" for 10 years - now - MARRIED!!

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TrueLifeTrueDeath Mission:  to expose the lie of the "brain-death" diagnosis by medical professionals; to present the actual teachings of various religions and cultures regarding true death; to assist those who want to protect themselves and their families from the government regulations which allow for vital organs to be "harvested" from living patients the moment a medical professional declares the patient "brain-dead", despite any objections by the family.

Christian definition of death - "when the soul leaves the body".  The church has yet to define that moment. 

A good place to start: To get a better understanding of this issue, you may want to read the 4 brochures on the "Booklets and Brochures" tab above. These are free pdf brochures that you can download and print for your friends, family, pastors, rabbis and group leaders.  Please help us get this information to the general public. 

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A Haunting Sermon - "Brain Dead People are Not Dead: --- Death=the soul has left the body."

Catholic priest explains in very simple terms why the "brain-death" diagnosis is false. Medical professionals including those at the National Catholic Bioethics Center state publicly and openly that, the bodies of "brain-dead" people EVEN WITH the use of a VENTILATOR, will begin to decompose "within a few DAYS". - This lie has been revealed over and over again, with dozens, possibly hundreds of people who recover after having been medically diagnosed as "brain-dead" - Therefore, there are only 2 possibilities. Either the diagnosis was in error ( a simple "mis-diagnosis" - in which case - the person is actually alive and is torturously murdered by the transplant surgeon removing their organs) - or the diagnosis itself is not valid.

Discussing the issue - The New Yorker - As Good as Dead

From the article:

"It may be too much to say that the concept of brain death is an outright lie, but it is certainly less than the truth. Like many of technology’s sublime achievements, organ transplant, for all its promise, also has an unavoidable aspect of horror—the horror of rendering a human being into raw materials, of turning death into life, of harvesting organs from an undead boy. Should a practice, however noble, be able to hold truth hostage? Perhaps the medical profession should embrace the obvious: to be an organ donor is to choose a particular way to finish our dying, at the hands of a surgeon, after some uncertain border has been crossed—a line that will change with time and circumstance, and one that science will never be able to draw with precision. ♦"

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Jun. 17, 2015